As of June 1st 2017, dangerous substances and mixtures may only be sold in Europe if they comply with Regulation (EC) 1272/2008. This day sees the last day of the transitional period and the gradual introduction of this new European regulation, regulating the classification, labelling and packaging of substances and mixtures (CLP).

Herewith, the EU has aligned its regulation to the United Nations recommendations of the so-called Globally Harmonised System (GHS) and has taken an important step towards the global harmonisation of classification, labelling and packaging.

This conversion took place in Europe step by step; first the labelling of substances was changed followed by that of mixtures:  giving the manufacturers, importers and formulators sufficient time to learn, to make necessary changes and to implement the new regulations.

During the last 2 years, mixtures could still be sold with the now invalid hazard labels, which were in accordance with the 1999/45/ EC Preparation directive, provided that they had been placed on sale shelves before the 1st June 2015. The 1st June this year was the last day that these could be sold. This date is therefore of considerable importance to traders. Now only mixtures classified and labelled according to the CLP regulation may be sold. The new labelling is clearly recognisable at first glance by its colouring and pictogram shapes. The CLP pictograms are red-outlined, diamond shaped with a black symbol inside: replacing the old black symbols on the orange square, which are no longer valid for labelling.

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