WS-75 matt IM1
Matt white film for allround applications at fair price with increased confirmability
Code Number: 7095

Value for money

Universal WB inkjet printable white matt squeezable film

WS-75 matt IM1


Abrasion Resistance:

Buttons Facestock 2 Stars

Dry Abrasion resistance of the unprinted Face Stock

  • good= thumb test
  • better= finger nail
  • best= BS5609

Water fastness:

Buttons Facestock 2 Stars

Water-fastness of the unprinted Face Stock

  • good= thumb + water drop
  • better= thumb under tap water
  • best= BS5609

Print Versatility:

Buttons Facestock 1 Star

The Face Stock can be printed with V.I.P. printing (Laser, TTR, WB InkJet)

  • good= 1
  • better= 2
  • best= 3 VIP print techniques

Base Material:

Blended PE / PP

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