SIHL – Simply the better solution.

This is what defines us

Sihl is the leading expert for printing media solutions in a fast growing digital imaging market. As a high-performing, international company, Sihl offers all-important technological expertise and in-depth, comprehensive knowledge of the industry. With its futureproof product solutions, Sihl strengthens its customers’ market position and makes a significant contribution to improving its customers’ and partners’ added value with innovative services that support their processes.

This is important to us

It is paramount that we provide maximum flexibility while also ensuring that our quality is consistent and our deliveries are reliable. We ensure excellent product performance from start to finish. It is especially important to us to alway focus on our customers’ needs in our processes and services. All these things are important to us, they are what makes us who we are, they drive us forward.

Our products
tell stories

Our products are as varied as the ideas of our customers. They dazzle and sparkle, they are sharp
and contrasting, they stick and shine, they refine and inspire. They have format – in every size; they are on the surface – and give depth. They allow images to speak and information to be highlighted, bring ideas on paper, to walls, to the streets and to the world. Our products can tell stories, wherever they are used: exceedingly high quality papers for photographs and fine art printing, media for large format inkjet and laser printing, thermal papers, labelling materials, paper-film composites, self-adhesive products and coated papers as well as films for industrial applications.

Our customers:
People with ideas

We design and develop these products for our customers: people who are creative, demand quality and want to achieve an impact, people who are looking for solutions and know they can rely on us to find them. Designers and artists, photographers and layout designers, architects and planners, advertisers and sellers, users from various branches and private customers, people like you and us, people with ideas. At SIHL they all discover the format, product and process needed to complement their ideas.